Signs Of Abuse Or Neglect

Although abuse in nursing homes is a horrible thought to imagine, it sadly does occur. Your loved one deserves justice for any abuse or neglect he or she has experienced.

It may be difficult to determine or prove that any abuse occurred, but here are some common signs to watch for:

  • Bedsores
  • Unexplained bruises or broken bones
  • Malnutrition or extreme weight loss
  • Noticeable changes in behavior
  • Emotional distance or withdrawal

If you see signs of abuse or neglect, you may wish to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer can further investigate your situation and help you decide how to proceed.

We Are Committed To Integrity And Justice

Many families do not realize the options they have after a tragedy such as nursing home abuse. Your loved one has rights to compensation for the injuries and suffering he or she endured. At Wilt & Klausing, PLLC, we work for justice for those who have been wronged in a place that should have been safe and provided care.

Our clients appreciate our attorneys' honesty and integrity in their work. Our firm is about holding people responsible when their actions cause physical and emotional pain to others. We communicate openly with every client about what needs to be done to proceed with his or her case.

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