How Truck Accidents Can Differ From Car Accidents

At first glance, motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks may seem similar to crashes involving two or more smaller automobiles. Due to the size and weight of 18-wheelers and other commercial-grade trucks, however, a collision can wreak far more damage and result in far more serious injuries than other types of accidents involving cars.

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Key Differences In A Truck Accident Case

Several factors in accident cases involving trucks make them unique:

  1. The sheer size of a truck makes it more dangerous in a collision. An 18-wheeler with a full load can weigh at least 20 times more than an ordinary passenger car. This means trucking accidents are more likely to result in catastrophic or fatal accidents than other types of wrecks.
  2. Liability in a truck accident is often more complex. Potential defendants in a lawsuit could include the trucker, the trucking company, its insurer, the manufacturer of certain parts of the vehicle and even a mechanic who serviced the truck.

  3. Commercial truckers are often in different driving situations than noncommercial motorists are. Driver fatigue, distraction by text or phone or other means, and pressure to make deadlines and possibly speed are all unfortunately common.

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