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Motor Vehicle Accidents Claim Young Lives

Kentucky drivers would likely admit that the fear of being in an accident is a legitimate concern, and they do their best to stay safe and alert while driving. Even when precautions are taken and seatbelts are worn, motor vehicle accidents can still claim lives. Especially on highways where a large number and variety of vehicles travel together at high speeds, the risk of accident fatalities increases.

Recently, a van full of passengers, including three children, was making it’s way through Kentucky when it struck a tractor-trailer. The incident occurred on Interstate 79. The driver of the van and two of the children were killed as a result. The third child suffered serious injuries. The children became innocent victims with no control over the situation.

As emergency responders began to investigate the crash, they announced that they believed everyone involved had been wearing a seatbelt. Sadly, the severity of the accident was such that a seatbelt was unable to prevent injury and death. The crash remains under investigation. When motor vehicle accidents involve large vehicles, the results can be especially devastating.

When motor vehicle accidents claim lives, victims and their families may be unable to keep up with pressing matters like funeral expenses, medical bills or insurance claims. On many occasions, people choose to seek the help of an experienced attorney. An attorney can understand what victims and their loved ones are going through, and can assist with important matters, including wrongful death claims, as they attempt to grieve and move forward.