Dangerous Intersections in Louisville

Louisville is one of the most populated areas in Kentucky. With so much to do, it often attracts both tourists and visitors from neighboring cities. Whether you are a Louisville resident or a visitor, it can be helpful to know what areas are known for being the most dangerous in terms of car accidents so you can be especially cautious in these intersections. 

For this reason, we have provided further information below regarding three of the most dangerous intersections and roadways in Louisville so you can better prepare driving through them.

Second Street and Broadway

Broadway becomes a one-way street at Second Street. Many cars will then be turning right instead of heading down Broadway. 

This is an issue when pedestrians have the right of way to cross the street, but cars turning right on red will often been in a hurry, distracted, or engaging in some other reckless driving patterns that they fail to notice the pedestrians and cause an accident. 

Although this intersection is clearly marked with both traffic signs and crosswalks, it is heavily congested and known for being dangerous. If you are approaching Second Street and Broadway, be cautious and keep your eyes on your surroundings at all times to reduce your risk of causing a collision.

Bardstown Road and the Watterson Expressway

Apart from having one small shopping center, the intersection at the Watterson Expressway and Bardstown Road is not a heavily populated area. Regardless, it’s home to some of the most traffic accident fatalities in Louisville over the last decade. 

There are no crosswalks for pedestrians surrounding this intersection, as well as minimal street signs. It’s possible to avoid this intersection if you have to, but proceed with extreme caution should you find yourself traveling in this area. 

The Dixie Highway

North of the Watterson Expressway is Dixie Highway, which also extends to the south. However, it is the northern end of the Dixie Hwy that remains a cause for concern. Near the Southland Terrace Shopping Center, there have been more pedestrian accidents than any other area in Louisville. 

It’s difficult to say why, as the roads are carefully marked. But it is quite possible that the area being so heavily populated is partially to blame, and driver negligence is the primary cause of these accidents. In any case, once you pass the Watterson Expressway and continue up the Dixie Highway, be very aware of any pedestrians who might also be sharing the roads with you.

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