5 Reasons to Get the Kentucky Real ID

The Kentucky REAL ID is a new form of state-issued identification that will be needed to enter most federal facilities and to board an airplane starting in 2023. This Kentucky ID is optional, but residents that want to get one will need to meet certain requirements to prove U.S. citizenship.

The new Kentucky ID provides a form of identification for the state’s residents and drivers that don’t need a passport but still desire to have a government-approved ID for various reasons. Why do you need one? Keep reading to learn more about the Kentucky REAL ID.

Convenience, Fraud Protection, and Peace of Mind

The Kentucky REAL ID is unquestionably more secure than other forms of identification. While it may take time to gather the items needed to apply for one, it may be worth the time and effort for the following reasons:

  • Easier Travel – Board a plane and don’t worry about going through the TSA checkpoint. Are you thinking about taking a trip to Bermuda or Cancún? You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation knowing that your Kentucky REAL ID allows you easy re-entry into the U.S. Using your Kentucky driver’s license for flying won’t be enough after 2023.
  • Access to Federal Buildings – You won’t be hassled when entering military bases or federal buildings. Applying for a job or opening a bank account becomes a breeze.
  • More Security – The Kentucky REAL ID has counterfeit-resistant security features that are verifiable under scrutiny from law enforcement. Fake IDs or IDs from a different country wouldn’t pass the test.
  • Your Cost-Effective Option – The cost of a passport in Kentucky is $110 and you’ll be waiting a month or more to get it. However, the Kentucky REAL ID is only $12 and takes under 15 minutes.
  • Simplify Your Identifications –  If you frequently need a standard ID or drivers license, a passport, and federal identification card, you may want to simplify your options. A Kentucky REAL ID can reduce the number of cards you need on a regular basis. 

Kentucky REAL ID Requirements and Where to Get a REAL ID

To apply, set up a KY REAL ID appointment at one of the state’s 120 DMV locations. You’ll need two proofs of address, birth certificate, or passport. Without these, you’ll need tax documents or pay stubs plus an Affidavit of Identity that can be obtained at the county clerk’s office. You’ll feel a newfound sense of freedom when you hit the road with your new Kentucky REAL ID.

The REAL ID Kentucky deadline has been extended until May 3, 2023. Don’t hesitate to act or seek help if you’re concerned about acting on time. 

Talk to a Lawyer for Guidance 

Your Kentucky REAL ID may be an excellent tool for many Kentucky residents looking for an easy tool for travel and identification. From gaining access to federal buildings, to flying, your REAL ID may make your life easier. 

If you have any problems receiving your REAL ID, or if you’re not sure how to use your ID in the event of a car accident or other injury, reach out to the Kentucky car accident attorneys at Wilt Injury Lawyers for help at 502-253-9110 or chat live with us online.