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New technology for victims of motor vehicle accidents

Kentucky drivers know that getting behind the wheel always carries the risk of being involved in a crash. While more often than not, safe driving and obedience to traffic laws can help ensure that people get from place to place with no issue, by very nature, accidents happen. Now, the state has implemented new technology that may help save lives in the case of serious motor vehicle accidents

When a person suffers serious injury during a motor vehicle accident, authorities and rescue workers often have a hard time getting hold of a close friend, family member or other emergency contact. Especially in situations where a victim is injured so badly that he or she is unable to provide this information or make contact on his or her own, it can often take hours for police to determine whom to call on a victim's behalf. The moments following a crash can be critical, especially if a victim needs immediate medical treatment. 

When spring arrives, motorcycle accidents happen

Few things beat the feeling of tearing up the open road on a motorcycle. During frigid winter months, though, you probably park your bike. As temperatures climb, you cannot wait to dust off your machine and head out to explore everything Kentucky has to offer. 

According to the National Motorcycle Institute, motorcycle accidents are on the rise in the Bluegrass State. Sadly, in 2016, more than 105 motorcyclists died on the state’s roadways. Many of those fatalities occurred during March, April and May. If you ride, you must have a strategy for reaching your destination safely. 

Are new regulations to blame for truck accidents? Drivers say yes

Kentucky residents are used to sharing the state's highways and byways with large trucks. Located in the heart of the nation, Kentucky serves as a sort of crossroads for major shipping operations. Recently, truck drivers responsible for moving goods across the country are speaking out, and the public may want to hear what they have to say about recent truck accidents

Some drivers of large tractor-trailer trucks have organized a unique sort of protest called a "slow roll." The idea is to drive many trucks in a large group slowly along the interstate in Kentucky and surrounding areas to raise awareness. The drivers are warning that a new round of federal regulations may actually cause more danger than safety. 

Securing your infant's future

Here is some good news for recent mothers: Many birth injuries heal in a matter of weeks, even though symptoms may seem drastic and dramatic. If you worry about an infant's condition, there may be no cause to doubt the doctor's claims that the condition is not serious.

However, it is also important to realize that serious conditions may require expensive corrective procedures that still have a long-term effect on your child's life. You may not be able to calculate all these costs right away. 

Understanding Erb's palsy

As a Kentucky mom-to-be, you likely can hardly wait to welcome your new son or daughter into your family. The birth of a baby always tops the list of exciting and life-changing events in any parent’s life. And the last thing you want to think about is the possibility of your baby sustaining a birth injury such as Erb’s palsy during your labor and delivery

You obviously realize that your baby, like you, has a system of nerves throughout his or her body that allows him or her to move and feel sensation. A person’s brachial nerves run from the spinal cord to the armpits and from there down the arms. Should your baby’s brachial nerves become stretched or otherwise injured during his or her birthing process, the result could be Erb’s palsy, a weakness or even paralysis of his or her arms.

$3 million medical malpractice claim filed against nursing home

In Kentucky and elsewhere claims against nursing homes and assisted living centers are categorized in most instances as medical negligence claims. When an incapacitated or disabled elderly person is receiving regular medical treatment and care in the facility, the law imposes a minimum standard of care on the institution and its employees. Individuals who are bedridden are the most common victims of medical malpractice by nursing homes.

The range of incompetent and even abusive treatment of seniors in nursing homes is a wide one, and many would say that the care is generally a disgraceful testament to our respect for our elderly citizens. In some instances, government agencies have been lax in inspecting and compelling the upgrading of such facilities. In one recent example in another state, a $3 million lawsuit has been filed by the estate of a deceased man who died from infection after being released from the defendant nursing home.

Common mistakes made in surgeries

Surgeons have an extremely difficult job. Although they receive years of education and training, they still make mistakes, like in any other profession, often leading to medical malpractice cases

There are many errors some patients have had to contend with. One of the most common surgical mistakes involves the surgeon performing the wrong procedure on the patient. This is typically due to a clerical error where the surgeon received the wrong paperwork. Here are some other mistakes surgeons have made over the years. 

Kentucky motor vehicle accidents: Cars that cross the median

Most Kentucky motorists understand the importance of maintaining a correct and safe position in a traffic lane while navigating a highway. Police officers often pull people over if they witness their vehicles veering left or right, or crossing over a yellow line. If a driver is negligent or reckless, it may cause him or her to careen off the road or into the paths of other cars. Such situations often lead to motor vehicle accidents that result in moderate, severe or fatal injuries.

A recent incident resulted in the death of one driver; two occupants in another vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital. Preliminary investigations revealed that one of the cars had initially been headed south on the roadway while the other was traveling north. For reasons yet unknown, the southbound vehicle traveled over the center line of traffic, where the two cars collided.

Nursing home staff failed to protect woman in vegetative state

Months of negligence and oversight endangered the lives of mother and baby

Although the investigation has not concluded, it is difficult to imagine a situation other than sexual assault that would have resulted in the victim becoming pregnant and giving birth. In addition, it is reported that neither staff or family was aware that she was pregnant until she went into labor.

The 29-year-old woman, who requires a high level of specialized care by a large team of staffers, had no way to defend herself against her attacker or notify staffers that she was experiencing labor pains. It is highly unlikely that her entire staff failed to notice that she was eight or nine months pregnant while receiving round-the-clock care, indicating either willful neglect or an attempt to hide the pregnancy and possibly the criminal who attacked her.

The victim received no recorded prenatal care, and if it weren't for her moaning, staff may not have assisted with her labor. This level of neglect risked the lives of both the mother and her son for months on end, resulting in an unknown breadth of pain and suffering. Her son could experience lifelong effects, especially with the criminal's unknown genetic history.

The facility and the criminal must be held accountable

Unfortunately, this victim is not the first vulnerable person to be abused in an assisted living facility. If the victim had not become pregnant, her abuse, like that of so many others, may never have been discovered. She may have been attacked multiple times over days, months or years. What is known is that her family thought she was in safe place that would protect her, as so many of us trust facilities to protect our own loved ones.

The facility is taking extra measures to protect the well-being of its other residents, but this case will forever affect the trust between families and advanced care facilities.

Communication and action key during labor and delivery

A woman in labor needs monitoring and assistance from those around her. Advances in medicine have evolved to make birth a much safer event for mother and baby; however, things may still go wrong.

When the situation in the labor and delivery room goes awry, the baby may suffer an injury. The consequences of injury range from temporary bruising to long-term deficiency to death. The most common denominator in birth injuries is miscommunication between the medical team.

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