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Motor vehicle accidents: Breakdown on the bridge

Drivers dread the moment a vehicle breaks down. Cars and trucks can become disabled for myriad of reasons, and, sometimes, with no warning. When such a scenario unfolds while driving, people in the vehicle are at risk. If a driver must exit his or her vehicle to deal with mechanical issues, the possibility of motor vehicle accidents increases. 

Recently, a Kentucky driver and a passenger were unable to get their vehicle started. The malfunction occurred on a busy bridge, and it was not very light outside yet. The pair opened the doors and attempted to push the vehicle to safety. 

Birth defect statistics and prevention tips

As an expecting mother, you are likely feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety. While you cannot wait to bring your baby into the world, you may also worry about potential complications. Birth injuries and defects are possible, which is why awareness and prevention are vital.

Knowing the statistics about birth complications and understanding how to best prevent these from occurring will help you be prepared and have peace of mind. Read below for some helpful information on the occurrence of birth injuries in America and what you and your health care team can do to have a healthy baby. 

Will increased speeds lead to more truck accidents?

Kentucky drivers might have to admit that even an experienced driver can get a bit nervous when traveling on the highway, with large semi trucks whizzing by. It can be nerve-wracking to try to maneuver in between the huge vehicles at highway speed, and drivers know that truck accidents have the potential to be fatal. The sheer size and weight of the vehicles involved can be intimidating, and a recent change may increase the risk of truck accidents

Many of the interstates across the state now have an increased speed limit. Previously, 65 mph was the standard. Now, the speed limit has been increased to 70 mph, and those big, fast-moving trucks are going to be traveling even faster. 

Kentucky bar owners and a drunk driver sued for wrongful death

All licensed drivers in Kentucky and every other states are obligated to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations, including those pertaining to alcohol consumption and operation of a motor vehicle. In this state, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher. That has prompted grieving family members of the victims of a horrific collision to take wrongful death legal action against a driver involved in the crash, whose BAC was reportedly measured at four times the legal limit, as well as two bar owners.

The plaintiffs are acting on behalf of five of their beloved family members. The two parents and three children were returning home from a trip to Florida when a vehicle heading in the wrong direction on the highway hit them head on. None of the family members survived.

Why does medical malpractice happen?

Medical malpractice is problematic in the U.S. This country has higher rates of errors in health care than other developed countries. Estimates of deaths put medical mistakes as number three on the list of top causes of American fatalities. Some believe the numbers are too high, but either way, it is hard to be accurate, as many hospitals do not report most incidents.

Malpractice can range from making a mistake in surgery or missing a diagnosis to failing to provide proper treatment in a timely manner. It can mean contaminating patients due to a lack of hand washing or harming them with the wrong medication. Regardless of what happens, the real question is why? With such advances in technology, why are these mistakes still happening at such high rates?

Is Pitocin harmful to babies during birth?

Advances in medicine have simplified treatments, cured diseases and saved lives. However, like everything in life, they also have the potential to be harmful. Health care is under the direction of fallible humans, and errors can cause severe damage and even death.

One of the areas that people most worry about is birth. Mothers want to do what is best for their babies while also protecting their own health. This means making numerous decisions on prenatal care, labor and delivery. A common question is whether Pitocin is safe to use.

Bridges may be trigger for big truck accidents

Kentucky drivers are certainly familiar with driving amongst big trucks. Since trucks are a way to move goods across the nation, it is not uncommon to see one mixed in with smaller vehicles during daily traffic. Truck accidents are on the rise, and researchers may have discovered a potential cause. 

Sometimes, there may be a bridge or an overpass that a large truck cannot safely travel under. While there should be signs indicating the clearance of a particular hazard like this, the truck driver must see the sign and choose another route. In an age where many have come to rely on GPS technology, the signs may go unnoticed.

New technology for victims of motor vehicle accidents

Kentucky drivers know that getting behind the wheel always carries the risk of being involved in a crash. While more often than not, safe driving and obedience to traffic laws can help ensure that people get from place to place with no issue, by very nature, accidents happen. Now, the state has implemented new technology that may help save lives in the case of serious motor vehicle accidents

When a person suffers serious injury during a motor vehicle accident, authorities and rescue workers often have a hard time getting hold of a close friend, family member or other emergency contact. Especially in situations where a victim is injured so badly that he or she is unable to provide this information or make contact on his or her own, it can often take hours for police to determine whom to call on a victim's behalf. The moments following a crash can be critical, especially if a victim needs immediate medical treatment. 

When spring arrives, motorcycle accidents happen

Few things beat the feeling of tearing up the open road on a motorcycle. During frigid winter months, though, you probably park your bike. As temperatures climb, you cannot wait to dust off your machine and head out to explore everything Kentucky has to offer. 

According to the National Motorcycle Institute, motorcycle accidents are on the rise in the Bluegrass State. Sadly, in 2016, more than 105 motorcyclists died on the state’s roadways. Many of those fatalities occurred during March, April and May. If you ride, you must have a strategy for reaching your destination safely. 

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