Bowling Green Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries and other damages, particularly to the rider. Despite taking preventive measures like wearing safety gear and obeying traffic rules, you can still be in a motorcycle crash caused by a negligent driver.

You don’t have to suffer the unexpected costs of injuries and other losses alone. Filing a civil motorcycle accident claim allows you to collect compensation that can take care of these damages as you take steps to get your life back on track.

If you’re just getting started with filing the claim, consider consulting a Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyer first. This will help you understand the process and protect you from predatory insurance companies.

Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer?

Partnering with a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you pursue compensation could be worth every penny. The amount of settlement that you stand to receive with legal support by your side often is far more than what you’d spend on a lawyer.

Other reasons why it’s worth finding a motorcycle accident lawyer include:

  • Understanding Legal Jargon – An attorney will explain your rights, the laws, procedures, and anything else that you need to win the case. They’ll also take care of the legal documents by ensuring that they are correctly drafted and filed on time
  • Conducting the Investigation – A strong case begins with conducting an investigation and gathering evidence. A lawyer is likely to cover more ground, talk to more eyewitnesses, and get a better reception than when you’re working alone.
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies Insurance companies are particularly challenging to deal with when you are a motorcycle rider. Sadly, the way car insurance works doesn’t always work to your advantage. They’re likely to try to pin some fault on you so that they don’t pay a full settlement. An attorney will negotiate and toil to see that you’re fairly compensated. 

When Should You Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

The right time to contact an attorney is immediately after the accident. First, call 911 for help, making sure that everyone at the scene has the medical attention they need. Even injuries as seemingly mild as neck or back pain after an accident can end up being serious or, in the worst cases, deadly.

Then consider speaking with your attorney about the accident. 

First, your motorcycle accident lawyer will advise you on what you should tell the insurance adjuster so that you don’t incriminate yourself unknowingly. Second, calling immediately will enable your attorney to get started with the case right away, expediting your compensation. This will also make it easier to collect fresh and valuable evidence that’ll build a strong claim.

Speak with a Bowling Green Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault? Do not risk handling the liable party’s insurance companies without legal guidance. Discuss your case with a Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyer from Wilt and Associates, PLLC, to understand your rights and the damages you should be seeking to recover. 

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