Bridges may be trigger for big truck accidents

Bridges may be trigger for big truck accidents

Kentucky drivers are certainly familiar with driving amongst big trucks. Since trucks are a way to move goods across the nation, it is not uncommon to see one mixed in with smaller vehicles during daily traffic. Truck accidents are on the rise, and researchers may have discovered a potential cause.

Sometimes, there may be a bridge or an overpass that a large truck cannot safely travel under. While there should be signs indicating the clearance of a particular hazard like this, the truck driver must see the sign and choose another route. In an age where many have come to rely on GPS technology, the signs may go unnoticed.

GPS directions do not usually warn a truck driver of such hazards. If a driver relies on the GPS entirely, he it she may wind up causing a serious accident. When a truck crashes into a bridge, the situation becomes a potential danger to surrounding drivers. In some cases, a truck hits such an obstacle so fast and hard that it can irreparably damage the truck, leaving other drivers at risk to be hit by the truck or debris from the crash.

When a Kentucky resident is hurt in a truck accident, he or she may not know what to do. An attorney that is familiar with handling truck accidents may be just the ticket. An attorney can help a victim hold the truck driver responsible for the pain and suffering he or she caused and help a victim collect any monetary compensation he or she may be entitled to by court decision.

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