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Bus accidents can be chaotic and confusing, as it may not be entirely clear who is responsible for causing the accident. Whether you were traveling as a passenger in the bus or were struck by one, you may be able to bring the liable party to justice and secure full compensation for your suffering. For the best chances of success, talk to an experienced lawyer for help filing a Kentucky personal injury lawsuit.

At Wilt Injury Lawyers, our team of Kentucky attorneys are committed to advocating for the rights of injury victims across the state. Your bus accident lawyer will work diligently to gather the evidence needed to support your case. We’ll work to optimize your chances of maximum compensation and support you through every step of the legal process. Contact us in Lexington or Louisville today.

How common are bus accidents in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Department of Transportation publishes a Traffic Collision Facts Report each year. In their most recent report, they reveal 119,449 traffic accidents happened across the state in 2020 – 708 of them fatal.

Within those accidents, 526 involved buses, with two fatal. There were also 129 school bus accidents, resulting in 53 injuries. The top reasons for these accidents was driver distraction, loss of control of vehicle, and driving under the influence.

Because buses can carry dozens of people, these types of accidents can result in mass injuries and fatalities.

What injuries occur from Kentucky bus accidents?

The lack of certain safety equipment on buses, like seatbelts and airbags, can leave passengers vulnerable to more serious injuries in the event of a severe accident. Many commuters stand on crowded buses during rush hour, and are at risk of being ejected from the vehicle in a collision or rollover. Injuries from accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Internal injuries and bleeding
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Neck and shoulder injuries
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Wrongful death

Our Kentucky attorneys work to find out not only how the bus accident happened, but what party or entity should be held responsible for your injuries and losses.

What are the most frequent causes of bus accidents?

Whether a commercial bus, tour bus, public transportation bus, or school bus, an accident can serious injuries to a large amount of people. Some of the more common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Bus driver negligence. When a bus driver fails to follow traffic rules, they put everyone on the bus at risk. These actions include things like speeding, failing to yield right of way, driving while fatigued, distracted, or under the influence.
  • Mechanical issues. When a bus company fails to properly maintain or repair their vehicles, a bus can fail on the road and cause an accident. Any malfunction or failure in things like brakes, tires, lights, steering, or blinkers raises the risk of a collision or loss of control of the vehicle.
  • Weather or environment. Poor weather and road conditions can also lead to accidents, especially when bus drivers take unnecessary risks. Accidents can also occur when roadways are not properly salted or paved, or when another vehicle spills debris or cargo on the road.
  • Other drivers. In some cases, the bus driver is not at fault at all for the accident, but another driver instead. When another vehicle, whether a passenger car or commercial truck causes a bus accident, our Kentucky attorneys work to ensure they are held accountable.

The personal injury attorneys at Wilt Injury Lawyers can investigate the circumstances of your accident and injuries to determine how it happened and who should be held liable.

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Who is liable for my Kentucky bus accident injuries?

One of the most important aspects of any bus accident lawsuit is the ability to establish fault. The key to a successful bus accident claim is demonstrating that another party’s negligence was the cause of your injuries. Some of the different individuals or entities who could have contributed to your injuries can include:

  • The bus driver
  • The owner of the bus
  • The bus company
  • Safety inspectors
  • Passengers on the bus
  • Other motorists

The only way to know who is liable for your injuries is for your lawyer to investigate the incident and carefully review the details of your case. In doing so, they can gather the evidence needed to support your case so you can maximize your Kentucky bus accident settlement.

What is the value of my Kentucky bus accident claim?

To get the most out of your bus accident claim, our attorneys will work with you to determine how your life has been affected by the accident and your resulting injuries. This should include both your economic (also known as financial) and non-economic (non-financial) damages. Some of the most frequently sought-after economic and non-economic damages in Kentucky bus accident claims include:

  • Diminished quality of life
  • Lost income, future wages, and earning potential
  • Healthcare expenses and medical equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of companionship and love
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress

The attorneys at Wilt Injury Lawyers work to secure all the compensation to which you are entitled, for your losses both now and in the future. We can discuss the specific details of your claim in a personal and free consultation.

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