How to Sue for Forceps Delivery Birth Injuries

Your childbirth experience should be one you can cherish and remember fondly for the rest of your life. But this magical time can often be disrupted when your newborn suffers serious injury during birth

One of the most common ways that birth injuries occur is through the use of forceps during delivery. If your baby was critically injured during birth and you believe the use of forceps was the cause, contact a Kentucky birth injury lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC. 

Below, we go into further detail about some of the most common birth injuries seen with forceps delivery and how you may be able to sue your health care provider for birth injuries relating to forceps delivery. 

Birth Injuries Caused by Forceps Delivery

When a mother is in the middle of childbirth, there are certain situations in which the health care provider delivering the baby may make the decision to use forceps to aid in the delivery. It isn’t the use of forceps itself that is the issue. The problem arises when the forceps are not properly placed, or when the health care provider exerts too much pressure while using the forceps. 

These mistakes are unacceptable. If your health care provider made a mistake while using forceps to deliver your baby, and you or your newborn suffered critical injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Birth Injury Lawsuits in Kentucky

If you hope to file a claim for a birth injury caused by improper use of forceps during delivery, your lawyer will need to prove that your health care provider breached their duty of care. By making a mistake in their use of the forceps to deliver your baby, they may be directly responsible for the injuries your newborn sustained. 

To find out whether you have grounds for a claim, reach out to a birth injury lawyer in Kentucky for help. 

Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer in Kentucky

If forceps were used in the delivery of your baby and they suffered critical injury or illness as a result of this use, your family may have grounds for a civil claim. Reach out to a compassionate Kentucky birth injury lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC to explore your legal options. 

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