How to Sue for Medication Errors in Kentucky

When you are given a prescription medication, or medication at the hospital, you probably don’t even think twice, trusting that your healthcare provider knows what they are doing. However, medication errors are much more common than you might think and can cause serious illness or injury. 

Fortunately, when such a traumatic event happens to you, you can take action against the reckless healthcare provider in your case with the help of a qualified Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the most common types of medication errors and how you can go about filing a medical malpractice claim if you have been the victim of one. 

Examples of Medication Errors

There are various ways in which medication errors can occur. Some of the more common types of medication errors include those taking place in pharmacies. Your pharmacist is responsible for filling the prescriptions given to you by your physician. 

But when the wrong medication is given, the wrong dosage of the medication is given, the wrong instructions are listed on your prescription bottle, or other medication errors occur, the results can be dangerous or even deadly. There’s also a possibility that the prescription medications were sent to the pharmacy after being formulated incorrectly. The risks are truly endless. 

But pharmacy-related errors aren’t the only types of medication errors possible. If you are in the hospital, for example, and your physician orders the wrong amount or dosage of a medication, or a nurse delivers the wrong type of medication, this is also considered a medication error. 

These are just a few instances in which medication errors can happen. If you have suffered serious injury or illness as a result of a medication error, reach out to a respected Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC, to discuss your legal options.

Medical Malpractice Claims for Medication Errors 

The good news about medical malpractice claims involving medication errors is that the science behind your claims will likely support your case. Your lawyer will need to send off your medication for an evaluation with the appropriate expert and carefully examine your medical records in order to prove that a medication error is responsible for causing your injury or illness. 

Once it has been proven that a medication error was made, your lawyer can work to determine who is ultimately responsible for causing your suffering. This could be your physician, a nurse, a surgeon, a pharmacist, a pharmaceutical tech, or a number of other different parties. 

Rest assured that your lawyer will work to ensure that every single party that played a part in the cause of your injury or illness is brought to justice in your medication error medical malpractice lawsuit.

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