Kentucky Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

No one ever expects that their lives could be changed by a negligent healthcare provider. When we become ill or injured, we trust that those caring for us have the education, skills, and training needed to keep us safe and get us healthy. 

Unfortunately, medical mistakes and negligence are far more common than you might think. Whether you were misdiagnosed, untreated, suffered anesthesia or prescription errors, or became ill or injured due to lack of a proper diagnosis, your healthcare provider could be held accountable with the help of a qualified Kentucky personal injury lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC.

What Does Failure to Diagnose Mean?

When a healthcare provider has a medical malpractice claim brought against them for failure to diagnose, this means that the provider in question failed to diagnose a patient with an injury or illness where another healthcare provider, equally as educated and experienced, would not have made a mistake. 

Failure to diagnose may sound uncommon, but you might be surprised at how often physicians and other healthcare providers will write off a patient’s symptoms or refuse to do diagnostic testing in order to address the patient’s concerns. 

Fortunately, when that happens, a lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC, may be able to help the victim obtain maximum compensation for their suffering. 

Medical Malpractice Claims in Kentucky

In order for your lawyer to be successful in pursuing your medical malpractice lawsuit, we will need to be able to prove not only that the healthcare provider failed to diagnose you, but that they had a duty to diagnose you since you were their patient. 

Once that has been established, your lawyer will begin to gather additional evidence that may be needed to support your case including medical documentation, witness statements, expert testimony, photographs, and more. 

Your lawyer will also review the various ways your life has been impacted by your injury or illness in order to ensure that every single loss is accounted for when calculating the value of your medical malpractice claim. 

Meet with a Failure to Diagnose Lawyer in Kentucky

If you believe your healthcare provider failed to properly diagnose you and you suffered undue illness or injury as a result of this negligence, you can still get justice. Get help from an experienced Kentucky failure to diagnose lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC

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