Can I Sue for Failure to Diagnose Group B Strep?

Group B streptococcus is one of the most common infections that pregnant women experience. Fortunately, there are standard treatments in place that are designed to protect both mother and baby during labor and delivery. However, this all rests on the assumption that the healthcare provider in question will test for Group B strep at the right time and diagnose it correctly. 

If your midwife, nurse practitioner, or obstetrician failed to diagnose you with Group B strep, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. Read on to learn more about what Group B strep is and when pursuing a medical malpractice claim may be the right option for you and your family. Individualized attention is available to those who contact Wilt and Associates, PLLC. 

What Is Group B Streptococcus?

Group B streptococcus is a bacterial infection that is usually harmless to adults. It can, however, be dangerous in patients who have other medical conditions such as diabetes or liver disease, for example.

It can also be particularly dangerous to babies who may contract the disease during delivery if their mother has not been treated with antibiotics. Group B strep in newborn babies may be characterized by a fever, lethargy, and difficulty with feeding. However, babies who contract Group B strep are also at risk for developing pneumonia, sepsis, or even meningitis—all of which can be deadly. 

When You Can Sue for Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose Group B strep in a pregnant mother can be catastrophic for a newborn baby. If a physician fails to carefully monitor the mother for Group B strep prior to delivery, or if they fail to properly treat a newborn who is found to have contracted Group B strep, then it may be in the family’s best interest to consider whether filing a personal injury lawsuit is in their best interests.

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