Can I Sue for Umbilical Cord Complications in Kentucky?

One of the most common complications to occur during pregnancy are those involving the umbilical cord. Unfortunately, when such complications are not caught in time, both baby and mother can suffer serious injury or even death. 

For this reason, we have gone into further detail below about when you can sue for umbilical cord complications during pregnancy, labor, or delivery in Kentucky. Read on to learn more about the types of complications that can occur with the umbilical cord and when you should sue for such complications. 

Complications That Occur Due to Issues with the Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord is responsible for supplying your unborn baby with the nutrients and oxygen they needs to survive and continue to grow. When there are complications with the umbilical cord, your baby can suffer from serious birth injuries or even death. Some of the most common types of problems that occur with the umbilical cord include the following:

  • Nuchal cords (the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck in utero.)
  • Umbilical cord compression
  • Umbilical cord prolapse (the umbilical cord begins to descend out of the birth canal prior to labor and delivery.)
  • Umbilical cord infection
  • True knots (a knot in the umbilical cord)
  • Short umbilical cords
  • Vasa previa (fetal blood vessels in the umbilical cord migrate into the amniotic sac and across the birth canal.)

These are just a few of the types of complications that can occur due to problems with the umbilical cord, and each condition carries its own risk of injury and death. If you have been diagnosed with any of these medical conditions and you or your baby has suffered serious injury, consider reaching out to an attorney to discuss the possibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

When to Consider Suing for a Birth Injury

During any pregnancy, labor, or delivery, the risk of complication is quite normal. 

However, when a medical professional providing you with prenatal care or assisting you during your labor and delivery fails to take notice of the symptoms of an umbilical cord complication or fails to treat such a complication, and you or your baby are injured as a result of this negligence, it may be appropriate to evaluate your legal options for financial recovery.

Get Help from a Kentucky Birth Injury Lawyer

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