April 05, 2020

Kentucky Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Your Champions After Serious Injuries or Loss

At Wilt & Thompson, PLLC, our attorneys and staff are guided by this simple principle: Do what’s right. If our investigation reveals that you or your loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another, we will tirelessly seek justice for you and your family. 

However, we always act with integrity and professionalism when dealing with the court and opposing parties. We know that when a family asks for our help, they are likely going through one of the most difficult times in their life. Our office will treat you with compassion and honesty to help shepherd you through the legal process.

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Kentucky

Wilt & Thompson, PLLC specializes in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, including the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injuries
  • Nursing home negligence and abuse
  • Wrongful death
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Defective products

We are skilled trial lawyers with experience on both sides of the courtroom. With fifteen years of experience as attorneys for hospitals and doctors, we know what strategies they use. We know how to negotiate on your behalf or fight—and win—for you in court if necessary.

Why Choose Wilt & Thompson, PLLC

If you are interested in working with attorneys who genuinely have your best interest at heart, Wilt & Thompson, PLLC is the team of Kentucky medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers for you. 

Our dedication to our clients remains unmatched. Unlike other firms that will sit back and settle your claim so they can make a quick buck, money is the least of our priorities. Our ultimate goal is to fight for the rights of injury victims across Kentucky. 

Whether you’ve been wronged by a medical professional or harmed in an accident caused by another, we want to see you get justice for your suffering. 

If you want to be sure that your lawyer is putting your needs first and working to obtain maximum compensation for your emotional, psychological, and financial damages, the highly trained attorneys at Wilt & Thompson, PLLC are the lawyers you’ll want to represent your case. 

  • Lawyers Guided by Integrity – We are not in business for the money. We are in it for the people who need justice.
  • Experience as Defense Attorneys – We know the tactics that insurers and doctors use, and we prepare accordingly.
  • Unmatched Results – We have a highly successful track record of securing the compensation our clients need.

Call a Kentucky Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Attorney

You may be nervous about taking legal action or simply not know what steps to take next. We are here for you. We’ll walk you through the process of seeking compensation for what you’ve been through. Our experienced attorneys have what it takes to right wrongs and give families like yours hope again.

We are located in Louisville and Lexington and represent clients throughout Kentucky and Ohio. To discuss your case with a Kentucky personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer, please contact us online or call 502-253-9110.