Louisville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Biking can be a convenient mode of travel, but sharing the road with motor vehicles does not come without its risks. Similar to motorcyclists, bicycle riders are exposed on all sides and face serious injuries in the event of a collision with a four-wheeled vehicle.

At Wilt & Associates, PLLC, we are known as the go-to attorneys in Kentucky who advocate for the rights of injured cyclists. Reckless drivers should be held accountable for causing your injuries and we are the local lawyers who can do just that.

Proving Fault In A Car-Bicycle Accident

It is not always clear who is at fault in accidents between motorists and cyclists. In some cases, both motorists’ and cyclists’ actions can contribute to a crash. Kentucky assigns fault based on pure comparative negligence laws and, as such, each driver can be held accountable for their role in the crash.

However, even if you are found to be at greater fault than the other driver, you may still be entitled to receive benefits. Our lawyers are well-versed in comparative negligence laws and can help you to obtain compensation until the conclusion of your recovery and afterwards.

You Do Not Have To Go Through The Process Alone

As your attorney, we can file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. From there, we will communicate with adjusters regarding your treatment status. Types of compensation that we can help you to receive includes medical bills, wage loss, property damage and any other medical-related expenses.

Following the conclusion of your treatment, we will write a demand letter to the insurance company. We will describe the accident, how the driver breached their duty of care and the amount of compensation we are seeking. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and will fight for a fair settlement. If we cannot reach a settlement, we are willing to take your case to trial and present our argument in court.

You Focus On Recovery. We Do The Rest.

While we operate out of Louisville, our firm is dedicated to helping victims statewide. Do not let money be an obstacle to getting the answers you need. Take advantage of a free consultation and discuss your case with one of our compassionate attorneys today by calling 502-253-9110. Alternatively, you may also schedule an appointment online.