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Pitocin is a synthetic version of oxytocin, a natural hormone and neuropeptide. Physicians may use it to induce labor, accelerate and strengthen contractions, manage postpartum bleeding and terminate pregnancies. The drug should only be used out of medical necessity. While Pitocin can have positive effects, improper usage can have the opposite effect and put both mother and child at risk.

At Wilt & Associates, PLLC, we have helped hundreds of Kentucky residents to take action against negligent doctors after they sustained injuries as a result of Pitocin injections. After 15 years of representing doctors, our attorneys have always been one step ahead of the game. We know how to create case strategies that will produce the best possible outcome and get justice for your family.

Identifying Medical Mistakes With Pitocin Use

If you believe your doctor made a mistake with Pitocin, you may be able to file suit if you or your child was injured as a result. Mistakes that can be made with Pitocin include:

  • Injecting too high of a dose
  • Failing to monitor the child and mother’s vitals
  • Using the drug in non-life-threating situations
  • Failing to discontinue its use despite adverse effects
  • Administering the drug to women who are at high risk of complications

As your attorney, we can call on expert witnesses to prove a breach of duty occurred and fight for compensation for you or your child’s injury and losses.

The Effects Of Inappropriate Pitocin Injections

When Pitocin is used improperly, the mother and her child can experience serious and sometimes fatal complications. The following birth injuries can be caused by inappropriate Pitocin use:

Pitocin birth injuries are preventable. Together, we will hold your doctor accountable for causing you unnecessary pain and suffering.

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