Louisville Brain Damage Lawyer

You trust your doctors. When a doctor or nurse tells you a procedure is safe, you listen. But, when a medical error leaves you or a loved one with brain damage, that error shakes your trust in the medical field and changes your whole life. Whether your injury is caused by a surgical error, negligent nursing practices or another mistake, you deserved better. Now, our firm is going to work on your behalf.

When medical malpractice causes a brain injury, you will need to consider many complicated legal issues. We know that, right now, you are worrying about recovery, bills and your daily life. At Wilt & Associates, PLLC, our attorneys genuinely care about your future. Call us today and schedule your free evaluation at 502-253-9110.

Hiring An Experienced Attorney Should Be Your Next Step

There are many complexities with brain injury cases. You need a highly qualified lawyer who knows the way Maryland courts view brain injury cases. We can help you:

  • Obtain complex medical evaluations that account for your long-term medical needs
  • Gather relevant medical documents and second opinions to support your claim
  • Establish links between your previous medical treatment and your injury
  • Fight for the compensation you need to maintain your quality of life

Kentucky law provides patients with rights. You have the right to compensation if medical negligence causes your injury. We can help you obtain the best results possible either in negotiations or in court. Hear from our past clients about their experience with us.

Let Us Fight For You And Your Recovery

You can find our office in Louisville. We provide you with comprehensive and personalized legal care. We want you to get the resources you need to recover. Set up a free consultation.