Louisville Product Liability Lawyer

Have you suffered a serious injury after a product you were using malfunctioned? If so, get in touch with a respected product liability lawyer in Louisville to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Products that consumers use correctly should never put them in harm’s way. But, when a product malfunctions or is defective in some way, it can cause devastating injuries. If this sounds similar to what you’re going through, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people across the country suffer injuries due to product malfunctions, and they have the right to bring the liable party to justice.

Filing a lawsuit for defective products can be intimidating, as you may be going up against a large corporation. Butl when you have a seasoned Louisville product liability lawyer at Wilt & Associates, PLLC, on your side, you can rest easier knowing our team of attorneys will do everything possible to get the person or persons who are to blame for your injuries to pay for their negligence.

Examples of Louisville Products Liability Claims

It can be difficult to determine at first glance whether you have a viable Louisville personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney at Wilt & Associates, PLLC can take a closer look, but in the meantime, there are three main types of product liability cases:

Failure to provide adequate warning could be if a company didn’t warn you on the label of a toy that it contained small parts that could result in choking, for example. A manufacturer mistake could be anything from assembling the item wrong, using wrong parts, or another defect entirely; dangerous product design is just that—the design of a product when used as intended causes serious injury.

How to Know When You Should Sue for a Louisville Product Injury

Now that you have a better idea of whether you might have grounds for a Louisville product liability claim, you may be wondering whether you should sue. The answer will largely depend on how the injuries you sustained have impacted your life.

If you have suffered considerable financial losses, are struggling to cope emotionally with the accident, or were otherwise seriously injured, it may be in your best interests to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer who can offer further advice regarding your options for financial recovery.

Discuss Your Claim with a Product Liability Lawyer in Louisville

You don’t have to get stuck dealing with the financial damage of the injuries you sustained as well as the psychological and physical trauma you’ve already had to cope with. Make the at-fault party pay for their recklessness by pursuing a civil claim against them with the help of an experienced Louisville product liability lawyer at Wilt and Associates, PLLC.

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