Louisville Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and aren’t sure where to turn for help, get in touch with a compassionate sexual abuse lawyer in Louisville.

Sexual abuse can have a devastating and traumatic impact on a victim’s life. In addition to the physical and psychological damage they suffer from, financial losses from their medical care, mental health counseling, and other monetary damages can make matters far worse. You can take action against your abuser and anyone else who may have facilitated the abuse you endured by reaching out to a dedicated Louisville sexual abuse lawyer.

The legal professionals at Wilt & Associates, PLLC, are committed to getting justice for victims of sexual abuse across Louisville and the state of Kentucky. If we are able to take on your personal injury case, you can be sure we’ll work diligently to bring your abuser to justice and secure full compensation for the harm they inflicted upon you. 

Civil Claims for Sexual Abuse in Louisville

It may come as a surprise to learn that you have the right to seek compensation from your abuser and anyone who may be responsible for the sexual abuse you endured. Filing a civil lawsuit is a great way to obtain compensation for your financial, physical, and emotional losses. 

But more than that, it is an opportunity for you to take back control of your life. You may feel empowered when holding your abuser accountable for their abuse to the fullest extent of the law. 

It is important to keep in mind that civil lawsuits are much different from criminal lawsuits. You will work closely with your sexual abuse lawyer at Wilt & Associates, PLLC, to pursue the civil claim seeking restitution for your suffering. 

But in a criminal case, the state’s prosecuting attorney must file criminal charges, which would then likely seek criminal penalties such as jail or prison time, fines, registration as a sex offender, and other consequences. 

Compensation for Louisville Sexual Abuse Survivors

Seeking maximum compensation from your abuser will never make up for what they did to you, but it will go a long way in ensuring you are not struggling financially because of the abuse. 

Mental health counseling and medical expenses related to the Louisville sexual abuse are probably going to cost a small fortune, and if you are unable to work or have to take time off due to the abuse, you may not have a way to cover these losses. 

What’s more, the psychological damage itself is likely to have a tremendous impact on your everyday life and your relationships with friends and family. Seeking restitution is a way for you to take justice into your own hands.

Meet with a Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Louisville

If you would like the opportunity to take back control of your life and hold your abuser accountable to the fullest extent of the law, reach out to a qualified Louisville sexual abuse lawyer Wilt and Associates, PLLC, to further discuss the individual details of your case. 

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