Motor vehicle accident kills child in front of home

Motor vehicle accident kills child in front of home

Children love to be helpers. Completing small tasks like taking out the trash or folding laundry can help a child feel accomplished, and teaches a child to contribute to the household. Parents must do their best to supervise, because sometimes even the most menial tasks can put a child in danger, though most would never expect that a little chores could result in death from a motor vehicle accident.

Recently, a young Kentucky boy went outside to check the mailbox. His family’s mailbox was located along the road in his neighborhood, in view of his house. Tragically, the 8-year-old was struck by a car.

The driver of the car, identified as a male, sped away from the scene. Reportedly, he did not even stop to see if the boy was OK, and unfortunately, the boy was not. The child was pronounced dead as a result of injuries suffered in the crash.

Police were able to find the man that hit the child, and have charged him with several crimes, including reckless homicide. Police are hoping a mystery witness will come forward to provide more information, as there was apparently another driver that may have witnessed the crash. Though the man will have to face these charges in criminal court, this does little to comfort the family of the deceased child.

When a motor vehicle accident claims the life of a child, parents are understandably overwhelmed. Often, there is action that can be taken in a Kentucky court of law to ensure that the driver responsible for the death is held financially accountable. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist a client with this process, and help pursue recovery any monetary damages sustained. Such monetary awards can help cover medical bills, burial costs and other financial losses that may befall a grieving family.

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