Motor vehicle accidents: Breakdown on the bridge

Motor vehicle accidents: Breakdown on the bridge

Drivers dread the moment a vehicle breaks down. Cars and trucks can become disabled for myriad of reasons, and, sometimes, with no warning. When such a scenario unfolds while driving, people in the vehicle are at risk. If a driver must exit his or her vehicle to deal with mechanical issues, the possibility of motor vehicle accidents increases.

Recently, a Kentucky driver and a passenger were unable to get their vehicle started. The malfunction occurred on a busy bridge, and it was not very light outside yet. The pair opened the doors and attempted to push the vehicle to safety.

Unfortunately, another car approached from the rear. The driver was unable to see the disabled vehicle and the people attempting to push it to safety. He struck the broken down car, killing one and seriously injuring the other. The driver of the second vehicle was not badly injured. Traffic on the bridge was stopped in both directions while investigators and emergency personnel attempted to gather details and clean debris in the aftermath.

When motor vehicle accidents occur in Kentucky, victims may want to seek justice in a court of law. Medical bills, inability to work due to injury, lasting pain and suffering, and, on some occasions, funeral costs can fall upon a victim or his or her family. If another driver was at fault for the damage caused and injuries suffered, a victim might have legal recourse. In such situations, a compassionate attorney can become an ally for a victim and help collect any damages and compensation to which he or she may be entitled. If a victim is deceased, an attorney can help the executor of the estate recoup financial loss caused by a fatal accident.

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