Motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol have high casualty rate

Motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol have high casualty rate

With countless television commercials, posters and other attempts to warn the public about the dangers of drinking and driving, Kentucky law enforcement has made a valiant effort to keep the roads safe for drivers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, people still choose to drive under the influence, and when they do, the risk of serious motor vehicle accidentsincreases exponentially. Recently, an attempt to cover up a drunk driving crash left a victim’s life in limbo.

Kentucky police found a victim laying in the middle of the road. They quickly determined the person had been struck by a vehicle, and began to question witnesses. The pedestrian was rushed to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered, and is fortunately expected to survive.

Meanwhile, one of the witnesses followed the offending vehicle, and led police straight to the residence where the suspect had gone. The suspect has been charged with several crimes, including fleeing and evading and driving under the influence. The individual remains in police custody at this time.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may feel fortunate to have survived such an ordeal, but the aftermath of an accident can quickly become overwhelming. Especially in cases where the driver responsible is facing criminal charges, victims must prepare to deal with medical bills, police investigations, injuries suffered and a variety of other matters that can be difficult to handle alone. Fortunately, victims have the option to partner with an experienced attorney. An attorney can explain the available options for seeking legal recourse, and help navigate a claim through the state’s civil justice system.

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