Patient files medical malpractice suit after shocking revelation

Patient files medical malpractice suit after shocking revelation

Kentucky residents can probably call to mind a personal circumstance in which an illness or injury prompted them to turn to a trusted doctor for help. Medical professionals often provide the best level of care possible to maintain a good reputation with their patients and the surrounding community. Unfortunately, some doctors make poor personal choices, and when their choices intermingle with their job, there is an added risk a patient will suffer as a result of medical malpractice. 

One Kentucky patient is filing a medical malpractice suit after a botched ankle surgery left her in terrible pain, unable to properly recover. The woman had injured her ankle, and after a procedure that was meant to fix the problem, she was certain something wasn’t right. A second medical opinion confirmed that a piece of her ankle bone was about to poke through her skin.

The woman became enraged when she learned that the doctor responsible for the initial procedure had his license suspended after it was revealed that he was on a cocktail of drugs on the job. Several of the drugs found in his system were pain killers, which can cause serious side effects. Under questioning, he admitted that he had obtained many of the drugs by using the DEA numbers of his colleagues, who certainly had not prescribed him the medications.

When a doctor injures a patient because he or she has been irresponsible and careless, the victim may want to take action. He or she has the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the careless doctor that caused the unnecessary pain and suffering. Medical bills, an inability to work due to injury and undue stress can leave a victim feeling wronged, but the court system can see to it that a careless doctor is held legally responsible for the damage he or she caused.

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