Pedestrian victim of motor vehicle accident

Pedestrian victim of motor vehicle accident

Summer is right around the corner, and Kentucky roads will be busier than ever. In addition to increased vehicle traffic, drivers should also be on the lookout for persons on foot. There are any number of reasons a person may be walking on the side of the road, and when a pedestrian becomes the victim of a motor vehicle accident, the result is often serious injury or death.

There are many roads that are not specifically designed for pedestrian traffic. When there is no sidewalk or a crosswalk nearby, pedestrians often walk down the shoulder of the road. Drivers on busier highways may not expect pedestrian traffic.

Recently, a man was walking down the side of a busy Kentucky road. He was struck by a large semi truck. The man was killed as a result. A motor vehicle accident that claims a life can affect surviving family members, friends and loved ones for years to come.

When a victim dies in a motor vehicle accident, loved ones may want to seek justice on behalf of the deceased in a court of law. In such cases, a compassionate attorney can help a client get the ball rolling. On many occasions, a victim’s estate may be entitled to monetary compensation that can help cover final expenses, medical bills and other financial burdens that stemmed from an accident-related death, taking pressure off of loved ones and allowing people to take time to grieve the loss. If another party is found to be at fault for a death, that party will be held accountable.

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