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Broken bones are a common injury, especially for the very young and the elderly. But just because an injury is common, that does not mean it is not serious. Bone breaks and fractures can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues and pose risks of organ damage.

At Wilt Injury Lawyers, our Kentucky personal injury lawyers represent people who have sustained compound, complex fractures. For more than a quarter century, we’ve been fighting to obtain strong settlements and verdicts for all our clients. Our strong record of success speaks for itself. We work with professionals who investigate the cause of the accident, and we conduct detailed discovery of every person who has information about the accident. Call us in Lexington or Louisville to get started.

What are the different types of bone breaks and fractures?

There are different types of bone breaks and fractures, and each has its own sets of complications and risks. Aurora Health Group categorizes and defines them as:

  • Stress fracture: Also called a hairline fracture, stress fractures are small cracks in your bone.
  • Compound fracture: A fracture with broken skin is called a compound fracture or open fracture.
  • Partial and complete fractures: An incomplete break is a partial fracture. A complete fracture breaks the bone into separate pieces.
  • Displaced fracture: With this type of complete fracture, the ends of the bones are displaced, meaning they don’t line up anymore.
  • Fragility fracture: This type of fracture occurs in people with poor bone health or osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones due to loss of mineral content.
  • Greenstick fracture: In this type of fracture, an infant or child may have a bone that bends and cracks but does not break completely in two.

What are the risks associated with bone breaks and fractures?

Breaks and fractures, generally speaking, are painful. The level of pain may be determined by the severity of the break and where it is located, but let’s be honest: they hurt. For some victims, however, that pain can flare at unexpected times.

There are risks, however, outside of pain. Compound fractures, for example, expose a person’s blood to infections. Complex fractures require surgery, and surgery poses risks in and of itself. Breaks to growth plates in young children can cause permanent physical deformities, and skull fractures during delivery can cause developmental or cognitive delays. Elderly patients who sustain breaks may not be able to undergo the necessary treatments because they cannot handle the anesthesia.

Almost every type of break and fracture can also cause damage to the surrounding tissues. A fractured rib can puncture the lungs or even the heart. Patients with marrow leaks may develop fat embolism syndrome, a rare by serious disorder that can cause seizures. In one of the worst-case scenarios, a broken neck or back can cause irreparable damage to the spinal cord, leading to partial or complete paralysis.

On thing to note is that in many cases, fractured and broken bones are not the only injury. A person who has sustained injuries in a head-on collision, for example, may also suffer traumatic brain injury, traumatic amputation or limb loss, or stroke – all of which must be addressed before a broken bone can be set. If the bones are also shattered, then medical providers must work in tandem to address each injury without exacerbating another.

What are the most common causes of bone breaks and fractures in Kentucky?

The most common causes of bone breaks and factures in Kentucky include:

Responsible parties for these accidents can include drivers, vehicle owners, property owners, manufacturers, and others.

Can I seek damages for a Kentucky accident leading to broken or fractured bones?

When someone else’s negligence causes you harm, you can seek damages (compensation) for your injury and associated losses. These losses are economic (such as medical expenses, lost income, and property loss) and non-economic (such as pain and suffering, inconvenience, and scarring or disfigurement).

Our Kentucky injury lawyers can discuss your options during a free consultation. We represent personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis, which means we only receive compensation if there is a settlement or a verdict in your favor.

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