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It is widely known that the brain is the most complex organ in the body, and even the slightest damage can have devastating consequences. The impact that a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can have on your life can extend well beyond the physical effects of the accident that caused it. Financial, psychological, and emotional damage are also quite common and can permanently change the course of the TBI patient’s life.

When someone else is to blame for causing your traumatic brain injury, they should be compelled to cover your costs. At this time in your life, filing a civil lawsuit may seem too much to bear, but when you get help with your claim from a seasoned Kentucky TBI lawyer at Wilt Injury Lawyers, you can focus on recuperating while we fight for the justice and financial compensation you deserve. Call us in Louisville or Lexington to get started.

What are common causes of traumatic brain injuries in Kentucky?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur in a car accident, physical assault by another person, or another personal injury incident. In all cases, your TBI is either a closed brain injury or a penetrating injury.

  • A closed brain injury occurs when you suffer a TBI without penetrating damage. This type of injury involves trauma to the skull region without direct internal damage to the brain area.
  • In contrast, a penetrating injury involves direct damage to the brain. For instance, if a shard of glass enters the skull, it may cause a penetrating brain injury. About one to two percent of TBIs are penetrating injuries.

There are countless ways that a person can injure their brain, but there are some accidents and incidents that are more common than others. Car accidents and falls are two of the most common causes of TBIs in Kentucky and the rest of the country. Other accidents that have been known to cause head injuries include:

Your attorney at Wilt Injury Lawyers will need to carefully examine the details of your case and investigate to determine who is to blame for your traumatic brain injury and who will be held accountable for your losses as a result of this injury.

What are the different types of traumatic brain injuries?

Much like there are many different ways one can suffer a TBI, there are also several different types of brain injuries. They include:

  • Coup-contrecoup. A coup-contrecoup is a type of TBI that occurs when you suffer a bruise on the brain tissues, like when you experience a serious impact to the head. Coup-contrecoup TBIs may occur in car accidents, falls, or direct blows to the head.
  • Diffuse axonal injury. A diffuse axonal injury occurs due to the rapid movement of the head. When the head moves so quickly that the brain stem is unable to keep up, this leads to tearing of the brain’s connecting fibers.
  • Hematoma. External impact to the head may cause a blood vessel to rupture. The blood then starts to pour into the brain and eventually clots. The severity of this clot depends on its size, location, and other factors.
  • Skull fractures. When the impact on the head is significant, it can lead to skull fractures. A skull fracture may be as minor as a thin line, or it may cause a section of the skull to become crushed. In the first case, surgery is not needed to treat the injury. In the latter case, however, you may need immediate surgery to relieve pressure on the brain itself.

What are the symptoms of a brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury can present a wide variety of symptoms, depending on the severity of the injury, and can manifest in both physical and psychological signs. The National Institute of Health reports the following symptoms for moderate and severe TBIs:

  • Headache that gets worse or will not go away
  • Loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Repeated vomiting or continued nausea
  • Slurred speech
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • An inability to wake up from sleep
  • Enlargement of the pupil (dark center) of one or both eyes
  • Numbness or tingling of arms or legs
  • Uncoordinated or “clumsy” movements
  • Increased confusion, restlessness, or agitation
  • Loss of consciousness lasting a few minutes to hours

Some symptoms may be noticeable immediately, but some may not show up for days or even weeks later. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention after any kind of blow to the head.

How do I know if I have a Kentucky TBI case?

There are two primary ways to know if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit for your brain injury. The first is whether someone else is responsible for the accident or your resulting injuries. Personal injury lawsuits can only be successful if you are able to establish that the negligent actions of another were directly or indirectly the cause of your injuries.

For instance, if you were struck by a drunk driver and suffered serious brain damage, the drunk driver would likely be liable for your damages.

The other way to tell if you should pursue your claim is to take a close look at the various ways your life has been affected by your injuries, or how it will be affected in the future. Brain injuries are known to be life-altering and permanent.

Medical expenses and equipment, psychological trauma, diminished quality of life, damaged family relationships, disfigurement, and the financial burden facing you can absolutely warrant the pursuit of a civil claim for your brain injury. Our attorneys work with a network of professionals who can help determine the full extent of your losses.

What is the value of my Kentucky brain injury claim?

When filing your Kentucky personal injury claim for a TBI, it is important that you include every single loss you have endured due to your injury, as well as those you are expected to endure in the future.

Obtaining compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, and damage to your earning capacity will be crucial for you financially, but our attorneys will also work to secure compensation for losses having nothing to do with money. These include losses like your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, loss of household services, and loss of consortium, to name a few. We can explain more about this in a personal consultation.

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