Wilt & Associates, PLLC, goes above and beyond to provide the best service to every client we represent. Here are some examples of Results we have secured for our clients:

Anonymous Southern Kentucky Hospital Pays $9 Million

Our client presented to the hospital in this case for delivery of her baby. The attending medical providers failed to recognize obvious signs and symptoms of fetal distress; furthermore, they failed to provide timely resuscitation. The delay led to severe Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) and catastrophic brain damage. As a result, this precious little girl will require around the clock care for the rest of her life. The monies will enable her to receive the care she requires, as well as provide the necessary support so as to improve her quality of life as much as possible.

Anonymous Kentucky Pharmacy pays $800,000

A 73-year-old man suffered a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage in his brain as a result of Coumadin interaction with inappropriately prescribed antibiotics, and as a result of the pharmacy not identifying the physician error before filling the prescription. He passed away a few days later. The monies were used to compensate his surviving spouse of 50 years for her loss.

Anonymous Central Kentucky Hospital pays $7.5 Million

This case involved the negligent administration of anesthesia that caused a middle-aged man from central Kentucky to suffer a cardiac arrest. As a result of the arrest, the gentleman, who previously worked as a welder, suffered severe brain damage. The settlement provided the money necessary to provide for his care since he was no longer able to care for himself.

Anonymous Kentucky Hospital pays $8.5 Million

This case involved a medical procedure performed in a hospital during which an improperly placed catheter caused a child to suffer bleeding around her heart. Unfortunately this caused the child to suffer an arrest, which resulted in severe brain injury. The settlement enabled her family to provide medical care, as well as purchase much-needed medical equipment, in order to care for their child properly.

Anonymous Eastern Kentucky Hospital pays $2.8 Million

This case involved a failure to timely recognize the signs and symptoms of hydrocephalus in a 39-year-old married woman. As a result, the condition went untreated until the patient suffered severe brain damage. She died a year and half later. The deceased left behind minor children. The settlement compensated the children and husband for their loss of consortium claims as well as the decedent’s estate for her year and a half of pain and suffering.

Anonymous Eastern West Virginia Nursing Home and Anonymous Defendant Doctor pays $800,000

Wrongful death of an 84-year-old woman admitted in an eastern West Virginia nursing home for rehabilitation. She developed a severe infection of her leg that went undiagnosed until it was gangrenous. Ultimately, the leg had to be amputated, after which she succumbed to overwhelming sepsis/infection.

Anonymous Central Kentucky Hospital pays $7 Million

A single, 30-year-old man underwent a colon resection for Crohn’s disease. Post-operatively, he developed complications that were not recognized by the hospital staff until he suffered a cardiac arrest. He was successfully resuscitated but suffered hypoxic brain damage during the arrest. As a result of the brain damage, he is a quadriplegic and will require 24-hour care for the remainder of his life.

Anonymous Western Kentucky Hospital pays $900,000

A 54-year-old man had blood chemistry inappropriately corrected, resulting in brain stroke and significant brain damage that required extensive rehabilitation and resulted in the loss of use of an extremity. The gentleman was working in the logging industry at the time and was unable to return to any gainful employment as a result of his disability. The settlement monies compensated him for his loss of income and for the pain and suffering he had to endure as a result of the doctor’s negligence.

Anonymous Central Kentucky Doctor pays $1.3 Million

Active 75-year-old teacher, residing in central Kentucky, was left paralyzed from waist down after epidural injection for management of back pain. The monies were to compensate her for her pain and suffering and necessary expenditures to accommodate her disability.

Anonymous Central Kentucky Hospital pays $2.5 Million

A teenage woman who was not appropriately monitored following gastric bypass surgery become septic and arrested. She suffered brain damage, can no longer walk and lost the use of her hand. She is not capable of gainful employment. The settlement money compensated her for her inability to work and helped provide her assistance with her activities of daily living.

Anonymous Eastern Kentucky Hospital pays $2.25 Million

Our clients presented to the anonymous hospital in this case for delivery of their baby. The attending medical providers failed to recognize obvious signs and symptoms of fetal distress, which required an emergent cesarean section. The delay led to the heartbreaking death of their newborn days later due to a lack of oxygen to his brain resulting from placental abruption. The monies were paid to compensate the child’s estate for the loss of life.

Anonymous Ohio Hospital pays $1.1 Million

A 37-year old-man presented to an emergency room in Ohio with a history of chest pain and other indications of cardiac disease. The providers failed to admit him for further work-up that would have led to a diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, he was discharged and died two and a half weeks later. The monies were paid to his surviving spouse and children for their loss.

Anonymous Western Kentucky Hospital pays $500,000

This case involved a shoulder dystocia during the birth process. The attending OB placed too much traction on the baby’s head causing her to suffer an erb’s palsy injury, which left her with an underdeveloped arm and inhibited function. Multiple surgeries were necessary to restore function. The settlement monies help her with activities of daily living and future medical care.

Anonymous Eastern Kentucky Nursing Home pays $550,000

The nursing home in this case failed to take appropriate interventions to address medication errors that caused over sedation. The nursing home further failed to ensure that the resident received adequate nutrition. The resulting lethargy led to the exacerbation of pressure sores and ultimately the death of the resident.

Anonymous Western Kentucky Nursing Home pays $500,000

This nursing home failed to implement appropriate fall protocols for our client who was admitted with a halo and tracheostomy. The resident fell from his bed, causing his tracheostomy to become disconnected, and he died due to lack of oxygen.

Anonymous Western Kentucky Doctor pays $500,000

The physician in this case failed to order additional testing or follow-up upon identification of a carcinoid tumor in our client’s mid-gut. As a result, an additional life-threatening tumor went undiagnosed, which could have been addressed with curative surgical treatment.

Anonymous Eastern Kentucky Doctor pays $500,000

Our client in this case was treated by the anonymous doctor for multiple sclerosis without definitively making a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or ruling out strokes as the cause of his symptoms. The failure to make the appropriate diagnosis of stroke significantly increased our client’s risk of suffering further stroke-related injury to his brain.