School is in and children at risk for motor vehicle accidents

School is in and children at risk for motor vehicle accidents

By now, most Kentucky families have settled into their back to school routine. With the first day jitters long past, parents and students may feel like they are finally able to relax and enjoy the new semester. Unfortunately, many children take a bus to and from school, and like the occupants of any vehicle, bus riders are at serious risk of being injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Recently, a teen driving a pickup truck crashed directly into the side of a Kentucky school bus. It was soon discovered that the driver had no insurance and did not even have a valid registration for the vehicle. Though all of the students on the bus were surely shaken up, at least 15 students and the bus driver had to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries suffered in the crash.

It may be difficult for parents to imagine being contacted to inform them that their child’s bus has been involved in a crash. Children are often frightened and confused after an accident. The driver at fault crashed head-on into the bus, and both the teen driver and his passenger also suffered injuries. The driver has been charged with several crimes, including reckless driving.

When motor vehicle accidents are directly caused by the carelessness of another driver, victims and their families may feel as if the person responsible should be held accountable in a court of law. A negligent driver has the potential to cause pain and suffering to an entire group of people, in this case, a bus full of children eagerly awaiting the start of a school day. Victims and their families may feel they need help in their quest for justice, and in many cases, an experienced attorney can help with some of the details as families focus on an injured person and attempt to heal.

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