Securing your infant’s future

Securing your infant’s future

Here is some good news for recent mothers: Many birth injuries heal in a matter of weeks, even though symptoms may seem drastic and dramatic. If you worry about an infant’s condition, there may be no cause to doubt the doctor’s claims that the condition is not serious.

However, it is also important to realize that serious conditions may require expensive corrective procedures that still have a long-term effect on your child’s life. You may not be able to calculate all these costs right away.

If you suspect your infant sustained a serious injury, be careful when considering any offers insurance or hospital companies make. It would probably be wise to be especially cautious of any form or other disclosure that you may be pressured to sign. At the very least, you would want to review all the terms for an indication that you could waive any type of rights.

The most common serious injuries you should look out for have to do with nerve damage. If it seems that your infant’s arms or face are not moving correctly, this could be a sign of a bruised or torn nerve. The chances of this particular injury tend to go up if you had a forceps or vacuum-assisted birth.

These injuries are typically the most serious and have the longest lasting consequences. However, they also have some of the least dramatic symptoms. Broken bones, bleeding, bruising and even extremely bloodshot eyes all tend to go away on their own with minimal medical attention. Brachial nerve damage, on the other hand, may require timely surgery for the infant to regain use of the affected limb.

To secure an injured infant’s future, it is often wise to review all agreements you make with medical providers or insurance companies. These initial offers may not represent a full acceptance of responsibility for your infant’s future health.

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