Serious personal injury results from freak accident

Serious personal injury results from freak accident

Kentucky drivers would probably agree that using caution and obeying traffic laws can go a long way to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, on some occasions, it is not an error in driving that causes an accident resulting in serious personal injury. One major danger of highway travel is roadway debris, often breaking loose from other vehicles. Due to the increased speed and crowded lanes, there is often no time to avoid dangerous debris in the road.

On June 6, a tractor-trailer was traveling on Kentucky Route 229 when a piece of metal broke free from the rear of the vehicle. It bounced off the road, and crashed through the windshield of a van immediately following the large truck. Though the van driver was unscathed and managed to prevent further collision, his wife, seated in the passenger seat of the van, was struck in the head and suffered serious injuries.

The driver of the truck was unaware of the incident until he noticed smoke billowing from the rear of the big rig. He pulled the truck over and waited for investigators and emergency crews to arrive. The injured woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, and there have been no updates to her condition as she fights for her life.

When a loved one suffers personal injury, families may find themselves overwhelmed by confusion and emotion. As they wait to see the fate of the victim, they may feel confused, angry and worried. Medical bills, lengthy rehabilitation, insurance matters and legal cases are often among the things victims and their families are faced with in their time of despair. Often, victims and their families may choose to enlist an experienced attorney, who may be able to assist them as they attempt to recover and seek any compensation to which they may be entitled.

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