“Best of the Best – Ron co-counseled in a malpractice case I was involved with. I had gotten extremely damaged over the course of surgeries and then surgeries to correct the surgeries. “Surgery” itself became something of a swear word. He stuck with me over 3 years, guiding the case’s weird directions, believing in me and in his case. It was during the negotiations of a settlement where I saw the real star come out. Thing is, I almost wanted to go to trial and extend the thing, just to watch him work. Ron is “no nonsense”, astute, has a wonderfully full vocabulary and amazing patience. These are the first adjectives which come to mind. I owe this man the kind of debt which remains silent because we are this world of discipline. But I can say with all my heart, I am delighted to recommend him to absolutely anyone. He has my highest marks and my eternal gratitude..”

– As seen on AVVO

“So Grateful Steve Was On My Case – I was subject to a series of surgeries which were motivated by doctor errors and omissions. My search for a lawyer to handle my case took a few turns, once they decided I had a case, and this guy ended up as my co counsel. To this very day, I remain so impressed. He unfailingly returned my calls over a 3 year period, discussing and offering new details to their approach and mine. He was always pleasant even if I had something ridiculous to ask. He explained everything I asked about – and in detail and extensively. But it was his legal and general, talented acumen I saw most clearly during depositions. His homework was thorough, to say the least. Had my case gone to trial, his rock-solid approach would have given us a marvelous shot at winning. Extremely knowledgeable in medical matters, a quick study as he would put it – but I know better. His standards are incredibly high and his sharp retention and attention to detail have no peers in my experience. Plus, I really like this guy, lol. For someone like me, this matters more than a little bit. I feel wonderfully served by his diligence and the care he lavished on my case. I have no reticence whatsoever in recommending him with my highest possible respect. This man is excellent at his trade.”

“Ron Wilt was sympathetic and understanding to the situation at hand. He was available to talk with at all times and was very responsive. Ron was able to achieve great results, and I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize him again if the need arose.”

-Phillip Peerce

“We were referred to Ron Wilt by another attorney in West Virginia who said he would find us the best attorney in Kentucky, and he did. Ron did a great job of keeping us informed and was always available to us. We had a wonderful experience working with him, and I would definitely recommend him to others.”

-Sharon Syner

“I hired Ron Wilt to represent me in a case. He was very caring and compassionate, so much that I didn’t believe that anyone could act the way he did. He was very passionate and concerned about our case. I even had Ron’s personal numbers to contact him. He was always available anytime day or night. We lived over 4 hours away from Ron, and he came to our home multiple times to show us that he was there for us. I have and would absolutely recommend Ron to others.”

-Mark Truitt

“Ron Wilt’s knowledge in the medical industry is just tremendous. The compassion he has and patience he takes is second to none. He is very professional and passionate about his cases and takes extra time with his clients to explain every detail that is needed to get through the process. I have recommended Ron to several people that has been in a similar position that we were. He comes highly recommended.”

-Bill Holladay

“After interviewing several lawyers, my family and I chose Ron Wilt to represent me. Mr. Wilt was professional, knowledgeable, experienced in representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and he showed care and compassion during this stressful and difficult time. I am pleased with the decision to hire Mr. Wilt and thankful to have had him represent me.”

-Pauline Nieto

“Having been represented by Mr. Wilt as my attorney in the past, I would highly recommend him as a former client. I have always found Mr. Wilt to be diligent, prompt and knowledgeable beyond my expectations. His expertise in his field exceeds that of any attorney that I have ever encountered in my both my professional and personal experience with the law.”

-Christopher R. White, MD