Thrill seekers beware, rides causing serious personal injury

Thrill seekers beware, rides causing serious personal injury

Kentucky is a state that is certainly no stranger to the summer heat. When the thermometer begins to climb, families get creative when looking for ways to beat the heat. Summer is in full swing, and many people may be considering a trip to a local fair, water park or amusement park in search of a cool way to cool off. One thing many people never consider is the serious risk of personal injury they face at such parks.

Two years ago, a small child was decapitated by a water slide that had a fatal design flaw. The incident drew attention to an industry-wide shortage of safety checks and procedures. Unfortunately, people are still being seriously injured each year at these places, which are often responsible for their own safety checks.

In June, a woman was ready to take the plunge on a water slide at Six Flags, a well known chain of amusement parks. The ride features a raft that holds several people, and has all sorts of twists, turns and surprises before riders finally land in a splash pool. Rides can appear to be safe, and many riders assume that if the people who just got off the ride were able to enjoy it without being injured, they surely are not risking their lives by boarding.

Unfortunately for the woman, the raft she was riding somehow flung her into the air, and she heard a sound that she described as a “pop” come from her neck. She was transported to a local hospital where she underwent several procedures to determine the extent of her injuries. She says the ride caused her to suffer whiplash, and Six Flags admits the woman was thrown from the tube, and has shut the ride down to investigate the risk to other riders.

When Kentucky residents set out for a day of fun in the sun, but wind up suffering serious personal injury, they may be unsure of where to turn for help. If another party is responsible for their injuries, they may want to explore their options to seek recovery of damages. Victims often find it helpful to allow an attorney experienced in personal injury law to assist them.

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