When spring arrives, motorcycle accidents happen

When spring arrives, motorcycle accidents happen

Few things beat the feeling of tearing up the open road on a motorcycle. During frigid winter months, though, you probably park your bike. As temperatures climb, you cannot wait to dust off your machine and head out to explore everything Kentucky has to offer.

According to the National Motorcycle Institute, motorcycle accidents are on the rise in the Bluegrass State. Sadly, in 2016, more than 105 motorcyclists died on the state’s roadways. Many of those fatalities occurred during March, April and May. If you ride, you must have a strategy for reaching your destination safely.

Ride defensively 

Motorcycle accidents can leave you with permanent injuries, expensive medical bills and a totaled bike. Perhaps the best way to stay safe on your bike is to ride defensively. There are many theories about what it means to be a defensive rider. Generally, though, you must expect the unexpected. As such, you should always leave extra space between your bike and other vehicles. Further, never ignore traffic signs or signals.

Watch for changing weather 

Kentucky is a large state, with a seemingly endless number of geographic areas. While it may be sunny and pleasant near Louisville, the Cumberland Plateau may be snowy or foggy. As you know, inclement weather is often a factor in motorcycle accidents. Accordingly, always check the forecast before you hit the road. If the weather turns ugly, park your bike until the storm passes.

Be careful with lane splitting 

Lane splitting is not illegal in Kentucky. Nonetheless, it can be exceedingly dangerous. To avoid an accident, do not lane split in heavy or fast traffic. Also, if you routinely ride on Kentucky’s interstates, understand that 18-wheeler drivers may not be able to see you. By staying clear of semi truck blind spots, you increase your chances of remaining safe.

As spring arrives, you may be itching to ride your motorcycle. Because two-wheeler accidents are common early in the riding season, though, you must exercise extreme caution every time you climb onto your machine. With a bit of care, though, you can likely arrive at your destination without incident.

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