Will increased speeds lead to more truck accidents?

Will increased speeds lead to more truck accidents?

Kentucky drivers might have to admit that even an experienced driver can get a bit nervous when traveling on the highway, with large semi trucks whizzing by. It can be nerve-wracking to try to maneuver in between the huge vehicles at highway speed, and drivers know that truck accidents have the potential to be fatal. The sheer size and weight of the vehicles involved can be intimidating, and a recent change may increase the risk of truck accidents.

Many of the interstates across the state now have an increased speed limit. Previously, 65 mph was the standard. Now, the speed limit has been increased to 70 mph, and those big, fast-moving trucks are going to be traveling even faster.

When something goes wrong on the road, it may be even more difficult for truck drivers to stop in time to avoid collision. Obviously, the new speed limit applies to every vehicle on the road, not just trucks. This could result in less-experienced drivers going even faster, and the increase in speed limit may have the potential to result in more accidents than ever.

When Kentucky drivers become the victims of truck accidents, the aftermath can be overwhelming. A victim may have to deal with lasting pain and suffering due to physical injury, perhaps even rendered unable to work for some time. Medical bills, damage to vehicles and other expenses may fall upon a victim to handle. Many victims choose to contact an experienced attorney to help them seek justice in a court of law against the driver who caused the accident.

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