Wrongful death: Can the police be sued?

Wrongful death: Can the police be sued?

Summer is in full swing, and as the nation takes part in celebrating Independence Day, many Kentucky residents call to mind the reasons they are happy and proud to be citizens of this great country. While certainly, there is much to celebrate, there is also reason to stay informed about ever-changing laws across the 50 states. Kentucky recently saw a new ruling that could affect victims of wrongful death.

Sometimes, when police are in pursuit of a suspect, the chase takes place on a public roadway. There are actually strict guidelines police must adhere to for such a chase to be appropriate. A recent story changed Kentucky state law.

A police officer was chasing a vehicle that contained a man suspected of drug crimes. The officer used lights, but no sirens, which was contrary to the rules for a chase like this, because innocent citizens were driving on the same road, completely unaware. The suspect’s vehicle crashed into another person’s car, killing the two people inside. It is estimated that each year, over 100 innocent people die under similar circumstances. A new measure passed into state law allows victims or their families to sue police on the grounds of wrongful death in these situations.

If someone has lost a loved one in Kentucky in such a tragic way, surviving representatives of a victim’s estate may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the party or parties believed responsible. When an accident victim dies, outstanding medical bills, final expenses, insurance matters and other costly troubles typically fall upon the victim’s estate. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a client bring the party that caused the death to justice in civil court, and collect documented monetary damages that are allowed by law.

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