Louisville Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

People with life-changing injuries often have to learn how to navigate the medical system in ways they never had to before. The learning curve is steep. Managing the legal system alongside managing the insurance and medical bills, and trying to heal is an overwhelming task. We are here to help you.

Respectful service. Straightforward legal advice. This is our promise to you. If you are struggling with a catastrophic injury, you are in good hands. Schedule your appointment at Wilt & Associates, PLLC, in Louisville. Reach us at 502-253-9110.

Obtain The Care You Deserve

When you or a loved one suffers serious injuries, a personal injury suit is necessary. We get compensation for persons suffering from compound fractures, internal hemorrhaging and subdermal hematomas, back injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Our attorneys help you obtain compensation for:

  • Ongoing medical care, including follow-up care, rehabilitative services, physical therapy and surgeries
  • Lost wages, including obtaining long-term disability care
  • Adaptive medical technology for those needing mobility aids
  • Punitive damages if certain circumstances apply

Insurance companies often undervalue the cost of your medical care. We hold negligent parties in Kentucky accountable. Get compensation for the full extent of your injuries.

Working For The Best Outcomes Possible

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience working in personal injury law both as attorneys and as claims investigators. We can negotiate for the maximum settlement possible. If the insurance companies will not provide fair compensation, we are unafraid of taking them to court.

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